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Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
I have had very good luck with the Grizzly machines I have purchased. I had a 6" joiner for several years, worked very well, and the fence was accurate. I sold it to a friend, and purchased a Grizzly 8" joiner with the Grizzly spiral head about 10 years ago, again I have zero complaints. I also have a Grizzly 3 hp Cyclone dust collector system, I had minor issues with the motor capacitor, but Grizzly quickly sent parts and corrected the issue, again no complaints.

I have had as much problems with Powermatic, and a 20" planer (I believe it is a "Shop Craft") sold by Wilke machine co. The motor had to be replaced on that unit. My Powermatic Woodworker Drill Press Arbor won't stay in the unit. and the fit and finish is well below the Grizzly units I own.

I have looked at Delta, Powermatic, General and other import offerings at woodworking shows. In my opinion these machines were not of the quality of the Grizzly I own and have seen. As most of the current woodworking equipment is imported I think that Grizzly has a better handle on quality than them. Grizzly also has a much better stock of repair parts, and in my opinion better customer service.

I don't think any of the current Asian offerings are up to the quality of the older equipment made in the US. However as almost all the current equipment offered at home shop prices is imported, I think Grizzly tops the list of equipment I would purchase today. Obviously the Grizzly equipment doesn't compare to the industrial shop grade equipment on the market but the prices of the industrial grade is 2 to 4 times higher and out of the reach of most home shops.

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