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Gary Smyth
I use Exacto #11 practically every day for something. I but blades in packs of 100. I tried scalpel blades several times but they always had a curved edge. I didn't know about a blade shape like the #11. I still preferred the Exacto because I have a tendency to crank down on them. The Exacto are fully captured in the handle so they don't flex much when pressure is applied. Do the scalpel blades flex since they are held only on one side of the handle? I think that they may also be thinner.
I checked some prices and while the scalpel blades can be a lot less expensive I did find 100 #11 real Exacto on ebay for about $12. Are the scalpel blades secure and stiff in the metal handle, and is it difficult to crank down on a flat handle as opposed to the tube shape of the Exacto?

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