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Bill Howatt
John, I'm not clear on what you mean exactly.

You always need a complete circuit for the current to flow through the device; so for a normal 110V load the current flows from a hot to the neutral. For a 220V device the current flows between the 2 hots and the neutral is out of the picture. In this case there is no current flow to ground via the neutral.

If you have 2 equal 110V devices that draw the same current you could connect them in series between the 2 hots and not bother connecting the neutral and they would work normally (even if it should never be done this way).

In the series connection above, if one device draws more current than the other then the voltage will not be divided between the 2 equally and the one that requires less current (has a higher resistance) will have too much voltage across it and will be destroyed. Having the neutral connected to them prevents this from happening since it forces the voltage to be 110V between each hot and neutral.


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