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Enjoyed a garage sale....

Mark Nowicki
.. soon after Ellis fixes the search function, he should invest in a sarcasm font.

Joined my Father-in-Law (FIL), and Sister-in-Law (SIL), in a garage sale.


Grabbed two Wetzler #324 bar clamps from my SIL's $1.00 table 5 seconds before some miserable guy, who busy talking her down to 50 cents on some old garden tools, noticed them.

Nobody bought my FIL's Sears Craftsman, made in USA, depth adjuster works like a Rolex watch, circa 1976 router. I didn't notice it a pile of junk under the table, and, thankfully neither did anybody else (or if they did, found the $5.00 price too high)

Selling a tile cutter to my neighbour. I was asking $15, but accepted his offer of $10 immediately and with great enthusiasm. The look of regret on his face for not offering $5 instead, was worth it.

Made about $150.

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