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John K Jordan
I keep scalpels hanging on nails within arm's reach along with other things I use often at the lathe.

The #11 blades are the most useful to me but I also use #10 curved blades. Better than an X-acto knife. They are cheap too. I bought a box of 100 blades with a metal handle for about $8 from Amazon, 8 cents each. Even disposable scalpels each with a plastic handle are less than 50 cents each. With a tiny effort you can replace the blades on the disposable handle. (They will no longer be sterile but the wood doesn't care. :))

I didn't have a suitable knife so I use a scalpel for my first try at one of these, cut from a piece of basswood. Actually, I used three since I broke two!

I use them at the lathe and elsewhere in the shop too. Also good when dissecting animals. A work bench makes a great dissection table. (I have two young friends in vet school!)


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