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John K Jordan

An oblique view due to the narrow hallway, but on the left in the photo below is the tube and valve I added to catch any condensation that found it's way from the compressor. The line comes through the wall just below the pressure gauge. I've never had more than a few drops of condensation.

In line are a centrifugal water separator and a desiccant dryer, regulator, and shutoff valves to the various runs I plumbed into the shop. I like dry air around wood, for air tools, and for running a plasma cutter.

Barry is correct, an unattended compressor that runs continuously can burn down the shop (and the house, of course, if attached.) Unfortunately this has happened to real people causing real tragedy. My shop is a hobby but one I would hate to have to build again from scratch.

I turn off the power to the compressor when I leave the shop. The switch on the left in the photo is is a disconnect for the 5-hp compressor in the closet behind the wall. I put all the controls outside the closet since I was afraid that I might not manage the air properly if everything was "out of sight, out of mind."


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