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John K Jordan
So it wasn't a joke. I would personally not use it. In the 70s I worked in an inspection lab where we did pressure testing - I know exactly what compressed air/gas can do. Google can show cases where PVC has exploded sending shrapnel everywhere.

Do the research. Some reading to get started:

That said you can find numerous accounts by people who use PVC and have not yet had it hurt them or their children. And some people have not yet had a wreck in years of texting while driving. Do you feel lucky?

If you want to use plastic pipe instead of metal the RapidAir system has kits: I installed this and 8 outlets in and outside my shop. I use brass and copper air fittings, valves, drains, etc. In my last shop I used blackiron pipe when I put the compressor in a shed. I like working with the plastic tubing better.


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