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Mark Mandell - Gone Round In New Jersey
have learned from our mistakes or those of others. Some of those lessons were "hard" indeed, and those of us who care to respond do so to pass on what we've experienced in an effort to inform questioners who have both the ability to at least suspect what they don't know and the intellectual courage to reveal their lack of knowledge to others.

If you ask a question here, you should expect a variety of answers, some in agreement, others with different views, but always well intentioned. Personal rants are very rare on this board.

Woodworking, like any "manufacturing" activity, carries significant danger of personal injury and/or death. Many on this board carry the scars that prove the premise. The greatest danger is lack of useful knowledge and the willingness to ignore it.

That you mention using PVC piping for compressed air indicates that you at least suspect it may not be the best course to follow. If you'd like to know more, post a new question. Just don't ask us "hold my beer while I do this."

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