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Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
There are a few living things I won't share my living space with, these include poisonous reptiles, Skunks, Porcupines (rare in Indiana) and Coyotes. As I now live in a city I call animal control to move such animals.

However my sons now live in rural homes. A Skunk is a good candidate for a .243 at sufficient range to prevent odor transfer. We do have a few reptiles like Timber rattlers, Water moccasins, and Copperheads. A shot shell in my 44 mag or a shotgun is a fair method of ridding those from yards or near by real estate. Coyotes are a fairly large problem in this state, they have been known to kill dogs, poultry, new born sheep, even new born cattle, and could harm a small child. A .243, .308 or 30-06 at long range is a remedy for them as they are very difficult to approach.

I normally don't like to kill anything, but the list above are capable of injuring persons and or domestic animals (and do) or causing a lot of other issues. My middle son had a skunk move under his home, for some reason the skunk sprayed heavily there. The house was almost unlivable for a few weeks. Now he tries to shoot any long before they approach the property.

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