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Tony - Memphis
About a year ago, I started to realize how much I appreciated task lighting! My shop is 16x20 and I have 8 dual bulb 4 footers. That was plenty for many years. I added a drop down dual 4' bulb fixture over my bench and installed nice warm colored bulbs. I like the warm (2700k?) color better. When I line up a cut on the TS, I use a tooth against my knife or pencil line. I decided I needed more light as I kept missing my lines! I added a very bright LED bulb in a lamp fixture/pendant I bought at Michael's (used their 40% coupons). It is a reflector type fixture. That helped a lot. I also have some other swing arm types and even Harbor Freight freebie led flashlights around. I made a swing arm for the drill press with an eBay LED board and an old wall wart. That has been very nice - 24 LED's and it is very bright! Nice thing about the new LED bulbs and such - no heat to speak of and very little watts for a lot of light.

My next new miraculous discovery was "up close" glasses! Wow!

The LED panels called Piranha (I think) are pretty inexpensive on eBay and some electronics sellers and they are very easy to hook up to a 12V wall wart - no resistors needed usually.



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