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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I consult books regularly in my woodworking. I build Federal Furniture. Where did you try to sell your books? If they didn't sell either you didn't advertise where there was a market or the price was too high.

Books have survived scrutiny by an editor. For example Richard's book to be, described above, had consultants review technical issues during writing and was studied by Chris Schultz who passed judgment on publishing. Experts have decided that information is correct and worth reading.

And then there is U-tube. On U-tube you get to sort through a dozen versions of how to do this and that and decide for yourself if they are all idiots. Works if you got time and already know enough to pass judgment. Not so good for beginners.

And then there is inspiration. When I have a hankering to build something I dig out a foot high stack of books and magazines with furniture pictures- nice large high resolution pictures that I can flip through quickly. They take no time to "load" , they don't eat up my allotment of download bytes, there are no ads that pop up unexpectedly, Google isn't tracking my interest, any seat ;) in the house is an acceptable location, etc.

I have a son-in-law learning woodworking. He doesn't do print. If he spent more time studying reviewed and edited print he would progress faster, in my opinion.

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