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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
There are three kinds of lighting important to detail work- the background lighting, the lighting in the area of the work and "task lighting, lighting directed on the detail. For a discussion of the first two types see my article in the Articles section of WoodCentral.

For task lighting I find these two lights useful and they stay near the bench. The black LED task light is from Lee Valley and I reviewed it here some months ago.

The suggestion above to turn some of the general lighting off and rely on task lighting for seeing anything enhanced by a shadow-a scribe line for example- should be explored.

Many are enamored by the new LED "fluorescent style" fixtures. Trendy, but not the best choice if the objective is to get more light. I have 8 T5-HO lamps in two fixtures over my bench and one 4-lamp fixture over the saw. My shop looks like a sunny day. Some relatively inexpensive versions are available at Home Depot. Nothing else comes close in light per lamp.

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