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Shop lighting advice.

I'm after some shop lighting advice. I simply don't have it right in my shop/garage. Too many shadows is one of my problems. I'm constantly trying to get the right angle on a piece of work. Tonight I just couldn't see my scribe lines for chisel work.
If it's not shadows then the lights are almost too bright and I am kinda saturating my work with light and unable to see the details.
I tried buying a floor lamp with the idea of bringing it close to my work and illuminating it, but I feel almost like I'm staring into car headlights and am some what dazzled; again not seeing the details; obviously I don't have the lamp staring me directly in the face.
Every now and then I'll move the lamp and catch the perfect angle where every possible detail is visible; that's what I'm chasing.
I feel my work is suffering for it.
Perhaps my ceilings are too low and the flourescent lights are too close?
It could be my eyes too!! Haha
And feedback most welcome.
Thanks in advance

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