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Are woodworking books obsolete?

Roy Girolami
Over the years, I have accumulated quite a few books on woodworking. The usual ones on techniques, furniture styles, turning, wood identification and so forth. Now I am trying to downsize so i figured i would sell some of the books. So i advertised some books on Federal furniture, Queen Anne furniture, Mission furniture and Shaker furniture. Didn't get a nibble. Now, I have always gotten information from books and like having a description I can return to while I study the plans. I know Youtube has a lot of videos showing you how to do just about everything, but I always find them a bit superficial. So has the world moved on and nobody reads books anymore or did I just have some titles nobody cares about?

How about you all? Do you get info out of books or is that passe nowadays?

Grumpy old Roy signing off.

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