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Installing OEM belt on Performax....

Barry Irby
The continuing saga of the conveyor belt on my 16/32 Performax.....

I tried a belt from Woodcraft. Could not make it track and it ruined an edge, under a panel.

I tried a belt form Klingspor, got it to work, but barely, had to adjust it almost every day and it finally shredded itself underneath a panel I was sanding.

Tried a new belt from Woodcraft because they insisted it was an OEM belt from Jet. NOT! It was Identical to the previous belt from Woodcraft and would not track.

Finally called Jet and they refused to help me try to get the belt from Woodcraft to track. Said they had spent many hours on the phone with others with the same problem and would not spend any more effort. Strongly suggested I buy one of their belts at about twice the cost of the Woodcraft belt. Theirs are much thinner and made by 3M.

Belt came yesterday and I put it on this morning. I was skeptical. It had a wavy sort of sin curve join with tape on the back. Backing so thin you can read the writing from the other side. The Klingspor belt was also thin and had slick film on the back. Had to be very tight or the drive roller would just slip. So I put the new 3M belt on with some trepidation. Snugged up the rollers. Tried to test the tightness by slipping a finger tip under both edges. Put a piece of tape beside it to watch the tracking. Turned it on, waiting for the disaster. It was sort of anticlimactic when it tracked perfectly. I was ready to scream and curse, but it just kept tracking. After about five minutes I sanded some stuff. It just kept tracking. I don't know whether to be disappointed or impressed. Impressed I think. But, OTOH, it just did exactly what it's supposed to do.

Only got a few minutes on it, but so far I would have to recommend the 3M belt from Jet. I wish it weren't $92 with shipping, but if it lasts four or five years its insignificant. And the other cheaper ones nearly killed me fiddling with them.

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