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H.C. Sakman (Chico)
Hi Willam,

Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. I mentioned that little gap is ok, actually good, which will apply pressure to the ends of the boards.

I was referring to large gaps and forceful clamping, not closing up a 1/16"~5/32" gap over 50-60 inches of length. This is not a rigid figure, varies depending on species, thickness etc...

Lastly, I know that failure never happens at the joints, glue is stronger than wood itself, but beside it or wherever there's a weak spot or micro crack that is initially invisible.

I also agree that this technique has been used due to circumstances/conditions of the 18th./19th. centuries and before. Dovetail keys will not even help if a board has serious enough tension in it. Wood is able to crack and split hardest rocks, concrete etc. when it is alive, when it is dead, it is not full subdued. So, if the "spring" of the joint is beyond the acceptable level, which is usually determined by experience, it will fail or prone to fail. That was my ultimate point about it.


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