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Thanks for the advice,

Keith Newton
This was a commercial supplier that I've been dealing with for a long time. They won't let us pull our own lumber anymore, so we have to call ahead by about half a day, then go pick up whatever was on top of the stack.

As for their having any procedure, I'm sure they've never had a fire-drill before, because when I found myself with big wads of saturated rags asking for something to put them in, the driver found a cardboard box for me.

When the driver brought my lumber to put on top of the sheet goods, it was short of what the ticket showed, so I pointed it out to the driver. He found another 5/4" board that had fallen off, which finished that thickness, but I was still missing some of the 4/4, so had to stop in the office to get credit. While in there, I brought up what had gone on, and told them about the spill. He acknowledged that he was aware of it. I told him that what they had out there was totally inadequate for this situation, and he said they'll work on that. We'll see.

I've been searching for a good small safety can to replace this one, and surprised by the lack of something better. I guess I'll replace my No-Spill with what I had, then make a dedicated space in the toolbox to protect it from something in there from puncturing or wearing through.

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