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Mark Mandell - Gone Round In New Jersey
While we have no qualms about opening the windows to let those gentle breezes freshen the house, we also condition and humidity-control our home. I have 2 70pt. dehumidifiers running in my basement shop/office from March through October. Ambient RH ranges between 40% and 70% seasonally. I have measured the MC at various points in the house (furniture, trim, exposed framing) and find that it may seasonally fluctuate between 9 and 11%.

In that context, I have two "breadboard" coffee tables, 1 all ash, and one cherry with walnut breadboards. They are 1" thick and both are fully finished with my oil/shellac/waterborne routine. Both of the table tops will expand and contract with seasonal changes relative to the end-boards. Both tables are 28" wide. The total range (dry January vs. wet August) of dimension change across both of them is about 1/16"; just enough to let you "feel" the joint.

Cherry and walnut were air-dried; the ash was KD.

As a beginner who transitioned from plywood to solid hardwoods, I made a few mistakes in both purchasing wood and planning on movement. Fortunately, nobody got hurt when the joints let go. ;)

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