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Re: Back to the feed belt on the Performax.....

First off I do not own one of the sanders nor do I know if the idler roll on the sander is flush to the top of the platen. With that said if the idler roll is just below a trick that I have used in the past to get belts so forth to track was to wrap a layer or two depending on how thick it is of the material that you stick down on concrete steps to keep you foot from slipping in the center of the idler roll causing it to be crowned in the center and helps correct the belt wandering issue. It may take one wrap or it may take two and may have to try different width of wrap, but probably a piece a couple inches wide would do it.

If nothing else works it won't cost much to try it, nothing to lose maybe it will help. If it works over time the wrap may have to be replaced.


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