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Gary Smyth
Cloudy history. No clue as to painting actual age. Not likely pre WWII

I purchased for $120.00 in a early 2000's Estate sale from a older woman closing up house. (She was on her way to assisted living). I'm guessing she was in her 80's then. She passed in early 2000's.
If ever I knew it, long forgotten previous owners name. Without her name the facility where she was is of no help in tracing her. Dead end - literally. As I remember she had a nice home, was well appointed, and was full of old world European stuff --German/Austrian art, glassware, silver, lace etc. She may have been foreign born or at least was in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium in the 50's -70's. She may have been a war refugee (just guessing.) It was removed from a wall at the end of a hallway and lit well. It was a display work of art.

When purchased I asked about the painting as it was big and oil. I was struck by the "museum" gallery appearance but didn't want to buy a "Bob Ross" TV canvas. But now nothing comes to mind after the time lapse. Obverse has #1749 in red crayon, but no gallery marking. It is on 1 1/2" wide pine stretchers with wood wedges. The canvas is stapled to the stretchers. The paint is hard but not cracking. I'm guessing 1950's or later. Not especially old. By my logic the painter was born in the 20th century.

As to the signature. I can't figure what was used to sign, it is very thin and mostly consistent in width. It appears to be more in the paint than on the paint. Maybe a fine liner brush or maybe a pointed stick to show the underlying yellow/gold paint. It is signed on lower left corner.

Writing to Mr. Rosson right after this.

All suggestions will be searched.

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