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Can you read this OT? *PIC*

Gary Smyth
For ten years I've had this painting. It's about 44" x 44" , is heavy and the canvas is, well older canvas. It was a bear to hang and I don't want to take it down, mostly to avoid to pay a researcher $400. So--what do you think the signature reads?

I know this. The painting is European, it is of the Susten Pass (written in German as Sustenpasse) in the Swiss Alps. Heavy oil paint applied by brush and palette knife in the style of salon paintings. (Pardon the sun reflection in the center) Beyond that -- nothing -- not that I haven't looked. I need new eyes. I've looked at it so long, I can't see anything I haven't looked up before. Note: Kow, Korn, have been beaten to death. Signature images played with so that perhaps some visual help. Last name is the important part. What da ya think? ]

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Can you read this OT? *PIC*
Looks like Rembrandt to me *NM*
Re: Can you read this OT?
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