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WC Weekend Accomplishments....

Dennis E Peacock
17 July 2017

Good Morning / Evening Everyone,
It's been a really hard week at the day job and it seems that I can't hold out cutting firewood in the 90+ temps with high humidity any more either. I didn't last 2 hours cutting firewood and loading the trailer with the newly cut green wood. It was heavy enough that each piece took 2 of us to roll them up and onto the bed of the trailer. I must remind myself that I'm not 18 years old any more.! ;)

This weekend was a celebration of my 1st granddaughter's birthday....she turned 1 year old. It was nice to watch her grow and open gifts with such surprise. I think I'll spoil her some more at another time. Been having to work on things around the house and the LOML and I did a fast re-upholstery job on Monday night and Tuesday night. We redid the arms of a leather couch with new upholstery. It was easy enough to do that we had all the work and upholstery done by Wednesday morning. Now it's back to working on the old antique chair that we've been working on off and on for the past 7 months. It looks like we just may have it ready to go back to the owner by the end of the week....but here's to hoping all goes well for the final upholstery work on this chair. I'm way past ready for this one to be done.

That's it for me, so what did YOU do this past weekend?

Best of weeks to you all!
Dennis Peacock

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