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Back to the feed belt on the Performax.....

Barry Irby
Like several others here I am struggling with the feed or drive belt on my 16/32 Performax. The original belt that came on it when I bought it used lasted for years and tracked fine. The second belt I bought at Wood Craft lasted five or more years and tracked fine. the third belt also from Wood craft would not track and I gave up on it and bought a film backed belt form Klingspor. It tracked well enough, but had to be adjusted about once and hour. Today it was running under a wide piece and I failed to notice it tracked away from the motor and shredded itself on the frame. The film backing is like a plastic bag, really tough until you nick it and then it tears like nothing. SO, I put the Cloth-backed belt from Woodcraft back on (because its Sunday).

Pardon my language but that bastard POS still won't track. I can tell which edge I had facing the motor before and it tracked away from the motor. So I reversed it. Now it tracks toward the motor. I have fiddles with the tracking until I gave up. I loosened the belt, slid it out and then made the belt tighter on the side away form the motor. I did it over and over. I was sanding some panels and would sand tow and move the belt. Sand two more and move the belt. Must have done it 20 times. I did it so many times I broke the adjustment bolt twice. I even tried doing it wrong. Nothing worked.

Tomorrow I may contact Jet. Am I the only one that thinks there should be a better way?

Any suggestions? Is it possible The machine is twisted? Since the belt moved toward the same edge of the belt even when turned around is it possible the belt is manufactured?

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