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Re: Too much hardwood - what to do? *PIC*

John K Jordan
With a sawmill behind my barn I have the same problem if I'm not careful. The lure of lumber is so strong it takes willpower to resist acquiring too much! I turned down a large walnut log recently since I still have walnut. I have white oak, hickory, and cedar logs in piles and a bunch of cherry and other species air dried. I'm thinking of using the cherry for barn siding.

I don't make furniture but do like woodturning, so the thicker pieces are more useful in the shop. I tend to saw and dry plenty 3-4" thick slabs which can be cut into bowl or spindle blanks.

The 8/4 stock is good for Beads of Courage bowls/boxes for kids with cancer. If not familiar with this program perhaps look for the YouTube video. So many kids are benefiting from this program - you probably have turning clubs in your neck of the woods that could make good use of some of the wood. And some people are making segmented BOC boxes from thinner stock. Woodturners have a difficult time finding dry wood for these so gluing up pieces is a good solution.

This is one I made by gluing up pieces of cherry and basswood:


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