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Re: And not the only one that needed reinforcement

Barry Irby
Wright was a better Architect than Engineer. He often drew the impossible and expected the "lowly" engineers to figure out how to build it.

I visited Fallingwater in the 90's while it was being repaired and reinforced. They told stories of the men on the original site stuffing as much reinforcement as they could sneak into the cantilevers.

Unfortunately, steel reinforced concrete is nowhere near permanent. MANY of the bridges on the Interstates have had to be replaced and they are younger than Fallingwater. The life expectancy of any steel reinforced concrete exposed to weather may be closer to fifty years than a hundred. Water finds its way in and the steel rusts and expands about 5 to 1 and bursts the concrete. We are slowly learning to reinforce concrete with other materials such as fiberglass and alumabronze.

Wright may not have done so badly for the times.

BTW, Fallingwater is amazing.

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