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Too much hardwood - what to do?

Larry Rupprecht
Seems like a strange problem but it is so. This isn't an offer for sale but a plea for some ideas. Of course, if someone wanted to purchase any amount, they could contact me...not sure how lumber gets shipped so that would be a learning experience. I am in extreme SE Minnesota, between Rochester and Winona.
A friend with a portable band-mill loves to cut logs into lumber. Through connections with others, I have accumulated entirely too much rough sawn lumber: oak - white and red, some cherry, and a few dozen board feet of hard and soft maple, hackberry, and walnut. Most is 5/4 with perhaps 15% in 6/4, 7/4, and 8/4 thicknesses. Probably some 4 to 5,000 board feet total and 75-80% still with the natural edge intact. The logs were culls from several logging sales, total count of logs we sawed is about 180. Lengths are from 5' to 8+ feet. We kept about half of the logs together after sawing so book-matching of 5/4 pieces is very doable.
Over the 4 years of cutting and natural air drying, most of the lumber is in the 10 to 15% moisture range. There are some beautifully figured pieces and some plain pieces, some knotty white oak, some spalted soft maple and hackberry. I never could have imagined getting such a harvest of wood.
Now that most is converted to boards [we still have 30 logs to saw this fall], it's time for me to make furniture and cabinets. However, the total is way too much for someone 69 years old to ever use. Thus the appeal for some ideas. I won't give it away except to that perfect a facility teaching woodworking skills to kids. But none of these in my area.
What to do, what to do, what to do? Yeah, I am smiling but I need my garage space back again!

Thanks for any replies and ideas.

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