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Jim Dillon
CJ, when I built my outfeed table I set it a tad (1/16 inch?) below the top of the TS and cut close fitting miter slots in the table reinforced underneath with strips of wood. The outfeed table is attached to the TS with hinges to allow lowering. In retrospect 22 years later, the slots didn't need to be so narrow, and I have never lowered the table to gain shop space. I would still keep the height the same, and retain the miter slots but make them wider. For your rolling table, I would choose the lockable casters, and find some way to temporarily attach the table to your saw to further prevent it rolling around. I use a cheap portable roller to support really long boards to supplement the outfeed table.

If your floor is uneven, I would shim the legs and mark where the shims go and keep them handy. If convenient, you could fasten the shims to the floor with double-sided tape etc.. You could even build shims with an indent to capture the wheel and also serve to keep the table in place. Just some thoughts. Jim

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