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Thanks for that Frost king link Dick,

Keith Newton
I have some other uses for that.

I usually use 1/4" mdf for my platens, with the thinnest plastic drop cloths I find at my local ACE Hardware. I don't have any on hand so don't know the mill. However, I usually cut it to overlap a few inches on all sides of my platen, then fold it over and tape it on the backside.

If I'm doing a curved laminate with too hard a bend for the 1/4" mdf, I like to use scrap plastic laminate for a platen. Some of my suppliers would get their pallet deliveries with cover sheets of scrap laminate sanded on both sides. They were just throwing it away, so I would ask the warehouse personnel to save me a few sheets every so often. It has enough stiffness yet rigidity to press out any humps that might occur without a platen, especially when using a highly figured stiff veneer, which are some of my favorites.

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