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Cost of regulation

I understand the issues with cost. I looked a few things up yesterday and my back of the envelope assessment is that costs might rise between $50 and $200. This is based on some guesses as to margin and what licensing fees might cost. In my opinion, costs are going to be capped by the current differential in prices with and without the flesh sensing technology. As you suggest, saw customers are price sensitive. I cannot see any current manufacturers cutting their throats by passing on costs in such a way that would make their saws noncompetitive with SawStop.

I also think that prices might actually drop a bit as multiple companies hit the market with competitive technologies, even if they have to take a SawStop license. This is speculation on my part, but the saw manufacturers that oppose SawStop are a pretty ruthless bunch and I can see there being some price wars as a result of a new regulation just to stick it to Gass. Lower prices will mean lower royalties and fewer sales by SawStop.

As a side note, the hot dog trick is for show, but the flesh sensing technology works. I stood 5 feet from an unlucky fellow that ran his finger across a dado stack running on a SawStop saw. He lost a chunk of skin on the end of his middle finger, but with a band aid was able to keep going after replacing the cartridge and stack. Admittedly, not two hours before this someone accidentally set off the cartridge by getting too close to a metal fastener that he knew was there. That cut could have been made without setting off the cartridge but laziness set in. The real world demonstration of the safety mechanism was the reason I bought one of these myself.

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