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treadmill repair and tools I need

Daniel Marsh
I inherited a treadmill that has not been used in years. Someone suggested using talcum powder to make the belt slip again. Any tips?


Daniel Marsh
6539 Linville
Brighton, MI 48116

Dear Sir/Ms: I am the care giver for Senior Family Members. I Had To Retire Early From Teaching Without A Pension Due To Cancer And a Degenerative Bone Disease. In my spare time, I Volunteer To Help In My Neighborhood and build things for Seniors in my Neighborhood. People often drop in to see what tools I am using and then go out and purchase those same tools for themselves. Most of my money goes to Doctor Bills. Are there any Tools You Can Send Me Would Be Helpful --- Portable tools Desired. I can use anything to Make My Own Tools from Toggle Clamps, Plastic Sheets and Simple House Electric Motors. Good Used Tools Are Great Too --- Please check with anyone, who are known for helping others. Some items I needs are: a Drill Press, a Laptop Computer and Windows XP or & 7 Retail 32 bit with license on CD

Thank You,

Daniel Marsh

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