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Re: New PROPOSED table saw legislation

Question is how many board feet of lumber has been cut per table saw injury that the sawstop could have prevented. Or perhaps some other metric like cut lengths or something of that sort.
Reality is that in being a amateur cabinetmaker and gunsmith, I have NEVER had an accident in which a technology like that being pushed by sawstop would have prevented it.
The other part of that is are those people who were injured doing something wrong..... IE not trained properly.

IE is this regulation necessary?
And is it a regulation that causes more harm than good.
Harm here could be couple companies going out of business.
Or a dramatic increase in price of a saw that complies.

In any event my view on this type of regulation is that; The government should under no circumstances enact a regulation, legislation or court ruling that makes something a REQUIREMENT if a single company has a patent on that technology. I have fewer problems if the sawstop patents are repealed (or whatever term is correct).

The main problem is that the patent itself is an advantage for an inventor. For the government to make that technology required gives the inventor an entirely doubled down advantage. That is clearly an abuse of the system.

This set of regulations SHOULD NOT be approved/enacted.

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