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Determine, or restrict, freedoms?

Henry (Raleigh NC)
No real 'dog in this fight'... but I do want to respond with an aside, prompted by my recent personal experience.

You wrote "I personally don't want any of my freedoms to be determined by any government.... "

I understood your post, and believe I do understand what you mean here. In context you were clear; the sentence out of context is just what 'struck me.'

I would choose to narrow your word choice a bit, restating this as "I personally don't want any of my freedoms to be restricted by any government.... " Our American government, unlike many others around the world, (presumably) does ensure that you have very significant broad freedoms and rights.

I am definitely not trying to open political debate here - I am a newly minted American citizen, as of 6 days ago. So in the last month I have had both a citizenship interview, with the associated History and Civics test, and a Citizenship ceremony with oaths and pledges. In doing so I have been reminded of our rule of law, and the rights and responsibilities we have.

Simply put, our government (Constitution) has determined our freedoms; you don't want government to restrict them.


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