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Re: New PROPOSED table saw legislation

Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
Personally I have never felt the "need" for Government edict protection from ANY machine. I have been using, did design and build machinery for 60+ years. I have a joiner that can rip your hand off, a planer that can do the same, a Lathe and Routers that can mangle all your appendages. Not to mention my 1 HP drill press that can wrap your hand around a spindle or make many serious cuts if a piece of metal is caught on the bit and starts swinging.

When the Government sets safety standards, our freedoms are little by little restricted. We as a human race will always figure out how to bypass safeties, do stupid things with a tool that it was never designed or intended to do. I like many others have not had my overhead guard on my Unisaw since I purchased it many years ago, but I do use Grr-Rippers faithfully and have NEVER made contact with the saw blade with any part of my body.

Due to the Lawyer connections and the fact the same lawyers tried to force the Sawstop on the public ~ I personally would never purchase one even if they were the cheapest, best saw on the market. This is me, I don't fault those who made the decision to purchase one, but I sure feel it should be their/my decision.

You can force people to wear seat belts, but you can't stop the people that pull out in front of traffic, play with their cell phone and have a head on collision with traffic in the other lane etc., unless you restrict or eliminate their driving their own vehicle.

I can see the thinking about the government restricting what safety features are required when machinery is used by a business as they employ people. The employees have no choice in determining what safety features they want or need.

But as hobbyist's, we do have a choice (currently), I have seen posts here where people use a bandsaw as they are afraid of table saws. Others choose to use hand tools only (although I have had more injuries from chisels etc. than most other tools.), and they are free to determine what tools they feel safe using.

There was an old idiom my father used to state. "Freedom means you can swing your fist as far as you want as long as you don't hit anyone else." In my mind that is still true. You should be able to do anything you want, or use any machine or tool as long as it doesn't harm or endanger others.

Freedom does involve risk, when edict's are made that prevents any danger at all, some freedoms are lost. I personally don't want any of my freedoms to be determined by any government....

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