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Re: New PROPOSED table saw legislation

"92 percent were likely related to the victim making contact with the saw blade."

Which is operator error, there is never any excuse for that. Which presumably makes some kind of technology the only solution for those whose stupid can't be cured.

"2. The failure of post SawStop stop-gap devices (example riving knives, splitters) to eliminate serious table saw injury."

That is clear, though those products are the actual ones that should be relied on. It is like adding more soft surfaces to cars when you can't stop jack asses from simultaneous vaping and texting.

If this one gets through then what is next. There are all kinds of tools that mangle people.

I think a SawStop enshrining rule would help return the tool business to the US, to some degree. Regulation is a means of installing non-tariff barriers. That might appeal to the Trump admin.

The army won't even take 1/10th of the human population, they are too stupid. Functionally mostly prepared for a life of crime. More than a few take up jobs related to wood processing.

Part of the problem with the US stationary power tool market is that it has not in it's designs embraced proven technologies and advances in machinery, and designs dating back nearly 100 years remain in the market. Then the Asian discount companies copied the tired designs and kept them alive for the last 40 years, when they surely should have cratered. SawStop is just another kludge to keep bad designs in the market.

There are accidents of all kinds, but a workshop is a pretty laboratory predictable environment in which to execute a routine. We aren't talking about moose stumbling out into our way, or drunks, as in driving. It is a sad commentary people keep getting eaten.

I was just thinking about murder today, no reason, just a train of thought thing. I was thinking if I could get the victim into my shop unconscious. I could stick a hand into my metal lathe and wrap him up on a spindle like a gyro meat sandwich machine. I would pay sawstop to stop that happening to myself as an accident, a few cuts here or there, no biggie. Words can't describe a lathe accident, except if you want to google it.

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