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Re: That looks like a nice saw.....

Jim DeLaney, Austintown, Ohio
It IS a nice saw. I got it during the recent 10% off sale that Powermatic had, and it came with the riser kit. I won't be installing the riser, since I also have a bigger saw (Laguna) for that type of work.

Assembly was straightforward, with no problems, other than wrestling (alone) with the weight.

Tracking the blade - I only use 1/8 ~1/4 inch blades on it - has posed no problems. As for tensioning, it's the same as for any other of the 14" saws, and hasn't been a problem. The saw came with the Carter Tension Release, although to be truthful, I leave the tension on all the time.

This saw replaced a 37 year old TaiChi version of essentially the same saw, but which needed all new bearings, new (better) guides, new tires, and a new motor, which was why I replaced it with the Powermatic. The only time I ever took the tension off the old saw was for blade changes, and it never caused problems. I figure that the new saw will outlast me, since (at 72) I won't las another 37 years like the old saw did. ;-)

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