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Matched for now...maybe not later *PIC*
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Evil sapwood is at rest ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
The colored product of ammonia and tannin will photo bleach more or less over time. I have found through experimentation with accelerated photobleaching that the tannin colored material is far less light stable than the premetallized dyes typically used to formulate TransTint.

Long term matching of two different woods with two or more different colorants is always a long term potential problem. Over time the two woods won't respond to light the same, nor will the coloring materials.

Factory furniture now days is diddled with to make the crappy wood used to make it appear uniform in color. We need to not become accustomed to thinking that this is what wood should look like. Variations in color and color intensity are not defects in the finishing. Rather they are a product of using a natural material and not plastic.

For example, some color variations that I find attractive and interesting, and maybe other's don't. But in any case that's my take on it.

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