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Evil sapwood is at rest ()

Keith Newton
Glad to hear it's over, and sorry I didn't get around to tossing in my 2 cents. Even though I haven't tried this, I think I read somewhere that you can brush some tannin on the sapwood before the ammonia process, which will cause it to turn.

I don't know where you can get tannin over the counter, but I was boiling some large Swamp Chestnut Oak acorns last year, and kept the liquid from that, which is already pretty dark brown.

When I've done some of my turnings, I put the ammonia in a tuna can, over a little candle, then put the turning on a rack above, finally flipped a plastic garbage drum over that. I used the same grade ammonia as you, but only for about one hour before it was darker than I wanted.

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