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Dust Collector Electrical Help

Do I have any friends that are electrical experts? In my woodworking shop, I have a large early ClearVue dust collection system. It powered by a 3hp 220v Leeson motor. It is located in a side room of the shop. When I installed this over 10 years ago, I decided to control it with a remote switch in the middle of the shop. This switch controls a 110v powered relay to control the 220v switch............ My problem is that the relay seems to be frozen closed (on). Regardless of the switch position, the Dust Collector is on. I can even unplug or shut off the circuit breaker to the 110v circuit, and the DC is on. I have to turn the DC off with the circuit breaker or unplug it. As I said, I built this over 10 years ago, and have no idea where to get a replacement, or any fixes. Thoughts?

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