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crown moulding question *PIC*

Bruce, a MN Galoot
I know, this is a carpentry question, not fine woodworking, but I'm stuck.

We are trying to hide problem with the drywall on our ceiling. The house is 18 years old and uses trusses for the ceiling/roof. As you know, these seem to move a lot, and the drywall seams at the junction of wall and ceiling have opened up a bit. One way of fixing that is to replace all the taped seams, but we've been given estimates of $3-4,000 for that job, which includes removing all the texture and redoing the entire ceiling, maybe 600 sq ft.

What we want to do is install crown moulding to make the problem go away. The biggest problem is where the vaulted ceiling meets the level ceiling over the stairway to the basement, as shown in the picture. The moulding along the vaulted ceiling will need to taper or something to meet the moulding along the wall to the left. I can't envision any way to match up those pieces. My question is how to do this. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

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