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band saw technique

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
"One thing I do to follow a line is I place the square corner of the advancing kerf, on the line. I don't track the blade against the line." Agree

Another tip is to use a wide blade if you can, at least 3/8". I "ride" the back of the blade against the kerf and pivot the blade off this point to keep the advancing kerf on the line. Obviously this technique only works for cutting a curve. I control the cut so that any drift is outside the line. If I start to get drift I just back the blade up to the start of the drift point and continue the cut. Somebody was watching me one day and they wondered why I kept backing up. Apparently it never occurred to them that one could back up and restart the cut to shave off what was needed to split the line.

If I was better at spoke shaving I might be less picky about the band saw cut. :)

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