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Re: West System Pot Live VS Working Time

I find the west slow to be slow setting. I have used tons of the stuff. Plus unlike white glue, it will ease joint fitting like a grease, and closing joints will be easy, right up to the time it goes off. I do almost everything with west with 105 205. But I don't do delicate intricate, extensive glue ups with it. Actually, life might be easier if I did. I do them with white glue and it grabs at inopportune times.

All the mentioned advice, small batches, shallow trays, adding colloidal silica has been good. I would never cool it unless I was in texas. Though, once I almost set a boat on fire when I did a large stem composite structure and the heat got so great it was ready to go on fire. Compressed air cooled it out. In that case I had a mass of it and a vertical section that impeded heat dissipation.

The number one rule to make anything go better is to do a sample. Let's say you were going to do something involving 20 M&T joints. Drill 20 holes, insert 20 dowels. Whatever. Get some base experience before trusting hours of hand work to an assembly involving an unknown glue.

Epoxy is expensive. So when I do some big task, I have a list of things around the house, from say door panels on an old truck, stonework, or boats that need some TLC. So when I have surplus material I always have a place to put it. This also stops me pushing glue, though I know better about that after 37 years of using WEST.

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