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Gary Smyth
Over time, my esthetic and interests have expanded. I find that I can do more with less than what was required as a young woodworker, but that is more than offset by doing more in areas never explored when youthful interests, time and priorities held sway. The sum is that with the expansion of interests and the desire to do everything better, the tools necessary to meet requirements are actually less for woodworking, but much greater and much more extensive for other work. My shop work has expanded into metalworking, remodeling, repair, fabricating, and alas, that doesn’t come cheap.
My shop will dissolve when I die. What happens after that is of minimal concern. I’m single. I’ll try to get what remains to people who will actually use what I’ve accumulated, but frankly at that point it doesn’t much matter. My exit strategy is to do what I can while I can. End of story.

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