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All About Temperature

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In New Jersey
"In the Pot", where you mixed it, the resin will be reacting with the hardener, generating heat from the chemical reaction, and thus speeding up the set time. When you spread it out as a coating on the parts, the surface area is greatly expanded so it can radiate the reaction heat away and thus set slower. You can retard the reaction and extend the "pot life" by chilling* the resin so it warms when spread thin and exposed to room temperature, or you can put your mix bowl on a bed of ice chips (in a 2nd bowl) to retard the mix pot reaction and give you more time to work.

*Chilling the resin may not be a great idea if you are in a humid area as condensation may form on the liquid and cause issues. I've done both and prefer the ice method.

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