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I have 2 sets of nesting tables and problems with both. First set: I was refinishing: all four stripped and three stained and refinished. Then life got in the way and I stopped at that point with one stripped but not stained/refinished. Ten years go by and then a pissey little mouse got in the way. I now have mold and mouse piss on the wood - all four. How do I get rid of the start of mold and the mouse markings on stripped wood AND finished wood? Chlorax? I just tried some Liberon Wood Cleaner and Wax Remover and steel wool and it's still drying. But in thinking about it, I don't think mold is a surface thing-I think it goes deeper into the wood and ditto with mouse piss soaking into the cells of the wood.

QUESTIONS: How do I get mold and piss off unfinished wood? I am going to strip down the other three to bare wood but it is the stain on those 3 pieces that I will have to get off too (I no longer have the stain that I did the first 3 with and I want change the stain and finish and have all four of them match). How do I get the wood stain out of the finished pieces? I read somewhere that sandpaper and chlorax will strip the old stain- True? Or a better idea? Time, steps and work don't concern me - I'm retired. I want four almost perfect matching tables that I won't have to worry about mold eating from the unfinished wood below to the top.

My second set of nesting tables are beautifully hand carved Chinese - read that as lots of carving going on. I don't want to strip those down, but I do have mouse piss on the lower legs. I have cleaned with Prelude cleaner and hard waxed - still there. How do I clean the markings off of those finished legs without going through the original finish? The Liberon takes off some of the finish and the stain, so I don't want that. I suspect that mold and piss can also eat its way from the top through to the base wood?

Sorry this is so long. All of you have helped me so much in my past posts - I know you can help me with this one. Thank you

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