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Hand tools help machine tools *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

As I band saw cut the profile for these parts for the top of the display cabinet door I realized I was splitting the line defining the profile. I hadn't thought about it. It just came naturally. I didn't used to be able to do that, not because I couldn't, but because it never occurred to me to try.

Splitting lines with a hand saw is an essential skill for hand sawing dovetails, tenons and the like. If it can be done with a hand saw, no reason it can't be done with a band saw, apparently. I had always band sawed outside the line and sanded to it. Never occurred to me before that one might just be careful and split the line to begin with. Saves a lot of clean up later. It is of some comfort that the hours I have spent learning to accurately cut dovetails is paying off with machines.

And BTW, one can chisel and carve with the spinning bit of a router under good lighting and with some care.

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