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Slightly OT: Bow limb delamination repair

Bruce, a MN Galoot
A friend bought a crossbow for cheap and when he got it home he learned why. One limb was split along the laminations nearly the total length. I told him I could probably fix it (dumb statement because I still haven't seen it), but now I'm not so sure. Here's my question.

Can I open it up enough to scrape out the old epoxy, assuming it was glued with epoxy, and then simply make a matching bending form, glue it up and cure it? Or do I have to completely take it apart and reglue and cure it. Or, would I be better off just making a matching limb, presuming I could figure out tapers and such.

I've built a number of laminated longbows and recurves but never a crossbow limb. I typically use West System and have cured the stuff at around 180-200F, with no delaminations to date (25 years).

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