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Way OT. Skin gun

Gary Smyth
I occasionally post to WoodCentral with some weird bit of off topic information. This is one I thought ought to post. If you haven’t heard about it it is the stem cell gun. Not yet approved for general use by the FDA and the Association of Plastic Surgeons is "wait and see" but it is newly patented (but even quack stuff has been patented). Most work is out of UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) in Pittsburgh.
On trial patients it appears to be amazing and it works. It is for skin replacement and the claim is a 90 minute procedure does the repair using the patient’s own cells without scarring within four to five days – not the weeks currently used as a life-saving, but somewhat less than satisfactory remedy. I have no association with this, but some legitimate reporting sources have done stories about its workings and results. Make your own decision, but at least be aware as it might be legit and come in handy for you or someone you know.

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Way OT. Skin gun
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