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Re: Rewinding the clock, sadly

Bruce, a MN Galoot
I never met Steve, but, as you know, Rod, I had an interesting relationship with him. The Usenet rec.ww group was the origin of the term "Neanderthal" to refer to those of us who use and enjoy hand woodworking and tools. There were initially four of us (Steve, Geoff Mason, Jeff Davies and myself) who were having an emailed sidebar discussion on the use of the Stanley sawset. We invited Patrick Olguin (Paddy O'Deen) to join in. Pat asked who was in the group, and Steve responded "a bunch of galoots." Pat and Tom Price developed the Oldtools mail list shortly thereafter as a result of that discussion. Steve's name for the sawset group was adopted by the Oldtools Porch devotees.

I will miss him. He had a wonderful writing style and wit to the delight of many. My condolences to his family.

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