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Slab top table questions......

Barry Irby
I did a Home Inspection for someone and mentioned I build furniture. They showed me a picture of a table with a slab top with an opening down the center created by two live edges. A river? They want such a table. They had no idea you can't just go pick one up at Ikea. I pointed out that every one of these is a "one off" piece and that the maker has to start years in advance and cut and store such wood or buy it from someone who does. I told them such a table would be thousands of dollars/five or more. they keep nibbling.

So, where does one get such a table? Is there any furniture store or gallery that might have one? I would love to make it for them but I have restrictions lifting heavy things because of the radiation treatments I mentioned below. Anybody want to take a shot at it? Their house is near Richmond, VA.

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