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The peril..... gasoline propeties

Bill Tindall
I won't enter the environmental discussion on the "off- label" herbicides, but there is a safety issue here. It is not well appreciated but gasoline has components whose boiling point is less than typical outdoor temperatures (butane and pentane) for example. These components are there to provide enough vaporized fuel to start the car when it is cold.

If gasoline is exposed to the air these components flash off and instantly become an ignitable mixture that can ignite with explosive force. Spread gasoline on the ground and a spark will turn the vapor into a fire ball tens of feet in diameter. These vapors being heavier than air can travel along the ground for some distance to find this spark.

There is a fund raiser going on for a local kid who was carrying an open jug of gasoline outdoors when a spark found the vapors trailing behind.

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